In the 21st century, in an increasingly digital age, it is essential to provide all citizens with the resources and opportunities they need to ensure that they are able to master new technologies that guarantee their full and active participation in society. In 2015, joined the Spanish Association, Ayuda en Acción, for the development of the Gen10s project, which aims to teach programming to children, promoting equal opportunities in the digital area, reducing socio-economic and gender barriers. Given the good results obtained in Spain, challenged SIC Esperança to implement the project in Portugal, in order to guarantee the Portuguese children access to the same opportunities, ensuring that all achievements are based on effort and merit, and never conditioned by gender or socio-economic status of their household. The initiative provides training in Scratch programming to students in grades 5 and 6, contributing to a new perception of technology by children, demonstrating that they can go from mere consumers to producers.