Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships – “Hackathon and ICT-based Innovative Methodologies in Higher Education”



Hackathon and ICT-based Innovative Methodologies in Higher Education project will establish a strong partnership network and a community of practice for ensuring digital readiness of the stakeholders within and beyond the partnership. In the current context of the ‘new normal’, the project partners acknowledge the importance of the unique challenges and experiences of every institution during the pandemic and each partner’s expertise that let tackle the obstacles successfully. It is more important than ever that this expertise is shared and combined across different HEIs to maximise the learning gains and keep students enrolled despite any obstacles they might face. Responding to the ever-changing nature of the current situation and IT advancement, a strong network of experts and the community of practice established within the project aim to develop partnerships and resources that can be sustainably used by HEIs teachers in the uncertain times of COVID-19 and beyond.


The project addresses the imperatives to create more flexible and inclusive as well as secure technology enhanced open education that can be delivered in online, blended, and distance modes of teaching/learning. The project addresses the importance of supplementing teachers’ expertise in content knowledge with digital and pedagogical competences in order to ensure high quality, active, and transformative teaching/learning. It aims to enable teachers to implement and develop innovative practices in education in the digital era, promote and reward excellence in teaching and skills’ development, tackle, focus on and breach gaps and mismatches in teachers’ competences as well as develop a versatile approach to student learning in a way that will improve teacher and student active participation and satisfaction, efficient cooperation in teaching/learning settings.

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