SA Schools Project


The SA Schools Project (Sustainable Food) aims to raise awareness among children and young people in pre-school education and the 1st CEB on issues of Sustainable Food.

In a first phase, the project aims to characterize children's snacks and identify aspects to improve or eating habits that contribute to the promotion of food sustainability. In a second phase, involving kindergarten teachers, teachers of basic education and families, it intends to develop training processes (differentiated and complementary), support them to help children to develop awareness about the impact of the food choices for the reduction of the ecological footprint and for the promotion of the green and circular economy. As a result of these training processes, contextualized activities will be developed that take into account the commitments negotiated in the training, which may be based on the identification and valorization of the cultural heritage associated with the consumption of local products (such as dried fruits), the choice of periodic foods or the use of traditional packaging for snacks, to identify only some of the possible examples.